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Heads Up!

portfolio imagePreparing for War

Combat training tips for
future Urban Assault specialists!

SCORE Urban Assault is designed to test both your physical and mental strength, so make sure you are healthy and well-rested before the event. Eat a balanced diet, train as much as you can. You don’t need to be at peak physical fitness, but it is always good to run a few miles and do a few stretches and push-ups, or any form of training regime you find comfortable. Create your own training regime and stick to it. Remember, you are training to be an Urban Assault soldiers!

portfolio imagePacking

Pack the bare essentials; no more, no less!

  • 1. SCORE Urban Assault entry ticket
  • 2. Valid identification (NRIC/ID/Passport)

  • → Waterproof sunscreen lotion
  • → Towels
  • → A change of clothes and dry shoes / slippers for after the race
  • → Storage bags (for soiled clothing)
  • → Cash for food/drinks and merchandise

portfolio imageD-Day

Once you have arrived:

Upon arrival at the venue, report to the registration counters. Fill out the waiver form. Show your ID and registration form and pick up your entry wristband. Hand in your signed waiver. Drop your bag at the barracks area. Make sure everything you bring fits into one bag. We strongly suggest you use the toilet before you start. Get ready and gather at the starting line at least 15 minutes before your assigned starting time for a safety briefing and warm-up session.

Once the event starts:

  • → Never forget your training!
  • → Always stay hydrated!
  • → Follow the safety briefing rules like your life depends on it!
  • → Anyone who isn’t a team player is WORTHLESS!
  • → Always stay vigilant and alert or you’re dead meat!

After the event:

  • →Claim your hard-earned medal and finisher T-shirt!
  • → Collect your gear from the barracks!
  • → Wash off and get squeaky clean!
  • → Fuel up on food and drinks at the SCORE village!

Participant rewards:

  • → Every Urban Assault soldiers will be eligible for a free t-shirt and a goodie bag.
  • → A finished medal will be given to those who finish the course.

portfolio imageEMERGENCIES

  • → If you are injured, stay calm and locate the medic team. They will be located at every obstacle.
  • → If the medic team is not in sight, signal a crew member and they will attend to you.
  • → If you are experiencing a sunstroke, lay down and signal a crew member or identify the medic team.