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  • Elite Soldier must attempt ALL Obstacles. No skipping allowed.If the Elite Soldier could not complete the Obstacle successfully, he or she will have to complete the Penalty (TBC).

  • Elite Soldier must stay on course the whole time. No shortcuts allowed.

  • Elite Soldier has to complete all the obstacles individually.

  • Elite Soldier must practice good sportsmanship and be respectful at all times. No abusive behavior will be tolerated, the organizer remains the rights to disqualify your participation in the case of poor conduct.

  • Elite Soldier must listen and follow instructions from Marshals, Crew,or Staff at all times.

Elite Soldier will receivea Multisports Tag to beworn at the ankle.

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How to wear your MultiSports Tag?

  1. 1. Wrap the tag around your left or right ankle
  2. 2. Remove the white backing paper on the end of the tag
  3. 3. Carefully apply the tag around the ankle

Make sure you apply the tag dry and correct at once. Do not re-apply the tag as the adhesive will weaken and you may lose the tag.

* Elite Soldier official Result will be posted on our website www.operationwarzone.com within 2 working days after the event.