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  • QWhat is the difference between Urban Assault, Jungle Warfare, Beach Invasion and Mountain Strike?

    ASCORE Warzone is a military-themed obstacle, challenge series. In Urban Assault, Competitors are challenged to invade the city. In Jungle Warfare, Competitors enjoy a classic military trial through forests, while Beach Invasion allows Competitors to seize the coast. This finale of the series is the battlefield at Mountain Strike.

  • QWhat makes SCORE Warzone different from other OCRs?

    ASCORE Warzone brings you to the origins of obstacle races in different battlefields, each its own theme. Competitors can test their performance, endurance and determination at the preset limits.

  • QHow to get the Beret?

    AOnly an Elite (Competitors with timing chip) who completes all four battlefields is entitled to the Beret. However, Competitors can also purchase it at the merchandise tent at SCORE Village during the event.

  • QHow to obtain the title of Captain?

    AParticipation in any Warzone battlefield, entitles the competitor to a badge. The number of different coloured badges determines ranking. The ranking are as follows:


    Badge colour

    Urban Assault


    Jungle Warfare


    Beach Invasion


    Mountain Strike



    Qty of Coloured Badges








  • QWhat is the Elite Category?

    AThe class of Competitors entitled to obtain timing chips that track their time on each battlefield.

  • QIs there an age limit to participate in SCORE Warzone?

    ASCORE Warzone is not an ordinary obstacle challenge, hence, Competitors must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

  • QWhat is awarded for participation?


    The Open category entitles Competitors to:

    • - Finisher medal
    • - Finisher tee
    • - A badge

    The Elite category entitles Competitors to:

    • - Finisher medal
    • - Finisher tee
    • - A badge
    • - Timing chip


  • QWhen to arrive at the battlefield?

    ACompetitors are encouraged to reach the battlefield 60 minutes before the flag-off time.

  • QWhat to do upon reaching venue?

    AFill the Indemnity Form and collect pack at the registration booths. Then, proceed to the baggage drop-off area before exploring SCORE Village.

Don’t miss your flag-off!

  • QIs there a warm-up session before flag-off?

    AA warm-up session will be held at the starting area 15 minutes before flag-off, to ensure each and every Competitor survives the battlefield.

  • QWhat if it rains?

    AIf weather gets too critical, the race may be postponed. Otherwise, NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT in any situation. Please dress appropriately.

  • QIs it a must to complete all the obstacles? Is there a penalty for not completing the challenge?

    AIt is a must to complete each and every obstacle. However, if Competitors are unable to do so, 20 push-ups for each obstacle unfinished will be imposed.